Centennial Celebration in Japann to Honor Chiune Sugihara

One hundred years ago, Chiune Sugihara was born at a mountainous village in central Japan. At the age of 40, when he was the Deputy Consul General to Lithuania, Chiune Sughiara decided at his own risks to save thousands of Jews by writing transit visas for stranded Jewish refugees who were fleeing from Nazi's persecution. He died in 1986 but his legacy never does. Chiune Sugihara is a living memory not only for those who survived the Holocaust with his "visas for life," but also for all who admire his courage and compassion. The fact that the centennial celebration falls on the first year of a new millennium adds special meaning to the event. It gives us a fresh start to reinvigorate worldwide efforts to perpetuate Chiune Sugihara's legacy in the 21st century.


  • To honor Chiune Sugihara at the 100th anniversary of his birth and to re-launch efforts to send his message to more people around the world
  • To contribute to fostering a culture that respects human rights and tolerance through focusing on humanism and altruism that underpinned Sugihara's deeds
  • To help the Japanese government fully acknowledge Sugihara's choice to save Jewish refugees and reinstate the honor of Sugihara who unwillingly left the Foreign Ministry after World War II
  • To highlight Sugihara's selfless devotion to protecting human dignity in the darkest moment of Japan's pre-war history and to bequeath his legacy to future generations in the 21st century
  • To enrich the cultural and historical diversities of Osaka as a city that has announced bidding for hosting the 2008 Olympic Games

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