Our nation faced with the new era is tossed about by raging waves of globalization and is greatly tested our way of life, that is, sticking to our nation, race, and Japanese language.
The Japanese have to have generosity in recognizing variety and value of other nations, races, and religions from a wider standpoint with a full understanding of our quality as Japanese, our magnificent culture, pride of our history, letter knowing our identities and having pride of being Japanese. They are a wisdom of surviving for the Japanese living in the future in the earth.
It is greatly needed to succeed Mr. Chiune Sugihara's brave decision, which went beyond any nation and government, to the next generation from the points of view to exalt our international consciousness, broaden our knowledge of the racial minority problems, and human rights not only to Asian countries but to the world.
Mr. Chiune Sugihara's 100th birthday anniversary will be a wonderful opportunity to recall his deed and also to send out a future humanitarian message from Japan.

Yasushi Akashi
The Chiune Sugihara Centennial Celebration Committee,
Former UN Deputy Secretary General

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