"Having received the instructions from my central government, I thought seriously upon them all night. It was the last resolution with all my strength.
I thought if I let people know the instructions literally and carried out as they were, I would be loved by the ministry as I was submissive.
Suppose the person concerned who wasn't I, but someone else, would surely choose a way of rejecting for issuing the visas as the instructions from Tokyo indicated.
Infringement upon the ordinance pertaining to the status of civil officials meant blocking the way of promotion or even dismissal.
To tell the truth, having the instructions, I though of them over and over again though the night.
I finally concluded that humanity must come to the first place more than anything else after completing the more of my pain and worry.
Now I myself have a firm belief that I could carry out the work faithfully at the cost of my position without any fear".

By Chiune Sugihara
from "Decision, Visas for Life", 1983

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